Howto download YouTube video in MP4 Android

Download Youtube videos in MP4 HD with your mobile Android. Use the website

  1. Find the video and copy URL

    Go to YouTube app, choose your video, click on the share button,then click on "Copy link". Then go to website:

    how to copy an url from youtube app
  2. Paste the URL and click in 'Continue'

    Tap in the entry box, like the image, paste the URL and click in 'Continue'

    paste the url in the website downloader
  3. Choose the best quality you need

    Choose the quality you need, and tap in 'Get Video'

    choose the quality for your video to download it.
  4. Do a tap in the video and click in "Download video"

    Tap in the video, then it shows a "download video" click it. *If is your second time downloading a video, follow the next step.

    Tap in your screen and hold on to show you the Download video
  5. Click in "Download" then go to your Downloads folder

    Finally it shows up a dialog to "Download again", just click in "Download" *These step only applies if is your second time downloading.

    Authorize to download your video in your browser